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Travel Tips

Where do you start in order to get ready for such a great trip? This page has suggestions on what to pack, how to take the best pictures with your camera or smart phone, and identification apps. These are all just suggestions. We encourage you to do your own research as well.

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What to Pack
  • Comfortable neutral clothing, avoiding white and bright colors. Expect hot days, cooler mornings and evenings. A mixture of summer and autumn clothing is ideal, and a hat and jacket will keep you warm on night game drives. Wind and possible rain might move through the open vehicles and can make life a little chilly at times!

  • Important: don't forget to bring any prescription medication along with a broad-spectrum antibiotic, medication for nausea and stomach issues, and antihistamine cream for insect bites and scratches. 

  • Please provide details of any allergies and specific dietary requirements or preferences (e.g. vegetarian) at time of booking.

  • Current converter, to make sure you can use your US electronics in South Africa. Below are some options.

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What to Pack on Safari
  • Small day backpack to take on the safari vehicle

  • Binoculars to spot wildlife while we are in the vehicle

  • Camera

  • Sun screen

  • Hat 

  • Toiletries 

  • Hand sanitizer 

  • Insect repellent

  • Comfortable, durable walking shoes

Taking pictures with your Smart Phone
iPhone or Android 

Here are some pointers on how to use your own smart phone. The cameras on our smart phones have gotten incredibly sophisticated and have replaced the small point and shoot camera on our hips. Below are some links to some easy 101 tutorials that we find super helpful. 

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Photography Pointers

There are many way to take a picture and whatever you are taking it with, your smart phone, small or large camera, here are some tips on how to compose the picture for the best image success.

Penguins on Boulders Beach Kuzo Cape Town Add-on 2023

Apps or Books

When you think of packing light, you don't usually think of packing books. Your guides are a wealth of knowledge about the local wildlife, and most lodges have a great library of identification books too. But if you'd like an app as well, below are some great ones!

Recommended Fights

  • United Airlines and Delta Airlines currently offer direct flights between the United States and Johannesburg (JNB) or Cape Town (CPT)*

  • These would be convenient for either just the conservation safari or the Cope Town add-on

  • Just the Conservation Safari: Arrive in Johannesburg (JBN) January 24 and depart Johannesburg (JNB) February 4

  • Conservation Safari with the Cape Town add-on: Arrive in Johannesburg (JBN) January 24 and depart Cape Town (CPT) February 8. The transfer flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town is included. 

* These flights are only a recommendation and are not required. Flights are at your own discretion as long as you arrive and depart on the scheduled dates. (Arrive in Johannesburg (JNB) January 24 and depart Cape Town (CPT) on February 8). 

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