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Who is the Kuzo Group? 

Suzi Rapp, Wouter Stellaard, and Kelly George, PhD came together for one purpose: to advance the connections and care for animals through innovative teachings, guidance, and support of staff, resulting in professional growth of your team and company culture.

We Meet Our Clients Where Their Needs Exist:

Animal industries of all types are staffed by people who care about their animals, yet we all want to do better. But how? The KUZO Group LLC answers that need. We bring our enthusiasm, passion, and love of animals to all we do, allowing our clients to not only improve the wellbeing of the animals in their care, but to also show, through scientific data, that they are making evidence-based decisions to assure proactive management

We Provide Solutions:


The KUZO Group LLC, offers a wide variety of programs, based on the most recent animal welfare science, customized to your individual needs to enhance animal care, team development, and company growth. We guide you through training, behavior, and welfare, creating keeper-driven programs. We collect scientific data to analyze your current successes as well as identify opportunities for improvement. Here are just a few things we specialize in:

  • Animal welfare science and assessment training workshops

  • Creating and guiding the implementation of guest experience, animal welfare, and animal training programs

  • Training-friendly and animal welfare-friendly environmental design consultation

  • Animal behavior and training science workshops

In addition to improving the lives of your animals, The KUZO Group LLC can lead you through changes that can improve the overall welfare of your staff and guests as well. 


Just how do we elevate your staff’s skills and the welfare of your animals? We offer ways to get your staff excited about training and welfare, but more importantly, we invest in your staff. We explain the most current techniques in lecture, and through guided application, so these techniques become a part of your staff’s skill set. Animal welfare and training go hand in hand. For example, training for simple behaviors like volunteering for injections can dramatically improve welfare. And because we know changing training and behavior doesn’t happen overnight, we’re with you for the long haul, ready to shepherd you through the ups and downs of animal care. 

We're Committed to the Industry

Human Animal

The KUZO Group’s commitment to welfare goes beyond any one facility; we are continually pushing the envelope in human-animal interaction research, as well as animal welfare, training, and behavior. Because of this, we often have studies in progress and are always looking for partners in this area. Let us know if you'd like to be one! 

Our Bottom Line:  

The KUZO Group LLC operates out of a passion for the animal care industry, enthusiasm for boots on the ground doing the day-to-day work, and our irrepressible love of animals. We're here to elevate your staff and collection to the next level. 


Want to talk? Contact us any time, we look forward to speaking with you!  

Whether your immediate needs are large or small, we're experts for animals, and we're here to help! 

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