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G-Zad: The Good Zoos and Aquariums Do

G-Zad Day (The Good Zoos and Aquariums Do Day) is celebrated each July 12th, when we shine a light on the valuable work done by zoos and aquariums. On this day, we highlight the conservation, research, rehabilitation, education, conservation fundraising, empathy-building, mitigation of human/animal conflict, and more that our institutions do, with animal care and welfare at the center of it all.


By going through the pop-up this page opens with, you can receive a free, ready-to-go lesson plan/template, which we're gifting to all accredited animal care institutions, designed to help your guests understand the reasons that our facilities exist--they aren't simply for entertainment, we have our hands in vital rescue and conservation work! This lesson plan/template can be used as-is, or can be customized to the specific good works that YOU are doing. At the end of the lesson, you'll also find two teaching puzzles that will help reinforce what you're teaching to young people. Again, these are free for you to reproduce and use. We hope you'll find all of it helpful! 


We'll be in touch in June for ready-to-go ideas that you can use onsite at your own zoo or aquarium to celebrate our big day. 


Zoos and aquariums make a difference! Let’s celebrate this excellent work on July 12th and throughout the year, using the hashtags #G-Zad #thegoodzoosdo and #thegoodaquariumsdo. The KUZO Group is committed to supporting and uplifting the zoological and aquarium communities. We appreciate you and the good you do! 

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