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The KUZO Group collectively has more than 75 years of experience working with animals and their caregivers, which affords us the ability to customize our services to fit many needs. A diverse group of experts teamed together to offer a variety of options to our clients and their animals. Individually-designed programs include training and behavior, welfare, guest experience, environmental design and much more, all to enhance animal care, team development and company growth.

Cheetah looking over savanna

Animal Welfare

We help you and your team create team-driven welfare programs.

This Toco Toucan is trained to voluntaily go under a towel

Animal Training

Investing in your staff through hands-on training and coaching to improve skill and culture.

a Guest experince with a Black Rhino can be life changing

Guest Experience

We help you create opportunities to connect your guests with your animals.

Collecting data on sealion behavior

Human-Animal Interactions

How do our encounters and interactions influence us and the animals we have them with? 

Mission statement: Advance the connections and care for animals through innovative teachings, guidance, and support of staff, resulting in professional growth of your team and company culture.

Whether your immediate needs are large or small, we're experts for animals, and we're here to help! 

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